Saturday, August 27, 2011


Several months ago my mom's friend, Keri Tieman, asked me to teach a card making class at our old church. I haven't taught a class since I worked at Scraps N Stamps 8 years ago, so I was surprised, but accepted the invitation! I was super excited to teach a class and see some old friends. When Keri asked me what I wanted to charge I told her I would just provide the supplies and teach the class as a service, but she ended up having the students pay $5.00. Also, she asked that I make 5-10 cards and I ended up doing 11.

 I did end up having to purchase some supplies, however I was also able to use lots of things I already had which felt really good. My mom decided to come along so she could visit with friends and help me out. I was SO glad she came along.

I have to say, it was not a very good experience and left feeling very beat up, but I really learned A LOT about teaching crafting classes.

I set up 11 different stations with the supplies, tools and sample card at each station.

This is how Creative Quest does their 10 card extravaganza. The problem is I ended up having to give instructions numerous times and since the supplies were pre cut and all placed in front of the student, over usage of supplies was a big issue. In conjunction with the set up I learned I should kit all the supplies before class. When I go to classes out at Scrapbooks Etc at the beginning of class each student gets a kit with all of their supplies kitted in the bag. What I did was leave all the supplies for all the students at each station; therefore, if someone messed up on stamping they just grabbed another one. This put me in a bind since I only cut enough for each student! Also, Sandy (whose daughter was my flower girl!), ended up inviting two friends but only signed up one... So I was short some supplies there as well. It was super stressful. Somehow I made it work, but one girl was finishing her last card and all that was left was a remnant of ribbon... I switched it for some tulle and she made a face and a rude comment. It was really hurtful. Also, if I had kitted the items I wouldn't have had the trouble of people using embellishments from one card station on another card, just because they wanted to add something more to a particular card.

People complained about the pattern papers being different from the samples. They wanted me to stamp and cut and punch things out for them.... I guess people don't really want to make the cards themselves they just want to have them done.

The day really opened my eyes and made me think about things differently. I will give teaching another go it the opportunity arises, however I will do things a lot differently!

The day was not a total bust though, I ran into Linda Lee one of my most favorite teachers from when I went to the Mormon Church and I learned a few flower making techniques from Sandy. 

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