Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Little Brian had a BBQ at his school and being that we want to support him in every way possible we were all over going with my brother.... turns out it wasn't really a BBQ, but a curriculum night for parents to learn what the kids will be learning that year... awkward! 

I am shocked that Little Brian will be expected to not only read and write by the end of the year,but he will be expected to read stories, understand them, summarize and write a paragraph... wow! 
Kenny, Little Brian, Brian and my mom

Jacob, Little Brian and my mom

Brian's Bee

Brian and his 1st grade teacher Mr.Mendaval 
After the classroom experience we headed to the cafeteria for dinner and dancing.
Little Brian and my mom

My mom, Me, Little Brian and Jacob

There was some square dancing and the personal that was calling looked very familiar to Kenny... turned out it was his cousin Michelle's biological dad Dennis Ferrar.  He wouldn't really talk to us or Kenny, but he did confirm who he was...

Kenny, Brian, Me and Jacob, my mom and Little Brian 

me and Jacob (he is saying Rock n Roll, Rock n Roll) 

Although, it was kind of a trick the school used to get us there it was actually pretty fun and I am interested to find out what Little Brian will be learning this year even though I am not his parent.

When we got back to the house the boys banged on the piano, they are so cute.

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