Friday, August 5, 2011

Dinner with Friends

Its kind of funny (or is it?)  that were finally able to get everyone together (all husbands included) and we ended up getting seated at separate tables. I was excited they chose Texas Roadhouse, because I love the food but it just didn't work for our large group.

I did have a really great time sitting at the wild child table (Wes, Lana, Abby, Little Brian and Jacob) with Janesse, Kenny and my brother. We had a lot of laughs and the food was delicious.

Kenny and Lana 
Tony and Kelsey at the other table 


Kenny, Lana and Wes
Brian, Jacob and Little Brian 
Everyone was snacking on peanuts and Kenny noticed Little Brian was sure chewing for a long time on his... he had eaten the shell too! Once Kenny told him that you don't eat the shell and showed him how to crack them open he was thrilled with the peanuts- too cute!

Brian with the kids 

After dinner we had plenty of time to talk and play with the kids so that made up for not being able to sit with everyone. The kids seemed to really hit it off and Wes asked Janesse if he could come to the boy's house which was cute... he was probably so excited to play with some boys since he has so many female cousins!

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