Monday, August 15, 2011

Winner, Winner Pizza Dinner

The boys were beyond excited to be invited to Peter Piper Pizza for Hannah's (Blair's daughter) 7th birthday party. Its fun that her kids and our nephews know each other and all the kids play pretty well together despite the age differences. Plus, I so appreciated be included even though I don't have children of my own.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but Blair bought a party package which included pizza, drinks, ice cream, tokens and cupcakes for everyone! All the kids got 40 tokens eachwhich even I was excited about!
Little Brian 

Little Brian spend most of the evening playing a gun game and Jacob tried all kinds of games and ended up winning the Jackpot on one game!

We think he thought he was in trouble because lights and sirens went off and he froze. The tickets were printing out on both sides of him and tons of kids crowded around. Matthew ran to get me and said, "Amanda come quick and bring your camera!" Once Jacob realized he was not in trouble he smiled and got excited about it. When he was carrying his huge mess of tickets back to the table, kids were pointing and laughing excitedly about all the tickets... once again I think he thought they were laughing at him, but once I explained they were excited for him he was a happy camper. When it came time to buy his items at the ticket store he of course shared and bought his brother some things. He ended up with a dinosaur, 2 slinkies, 5 army men, 3 ninja guys and a few tootsie rolls. OH and I almost forgot he won a ball in the claw machine! I would say Jacob cleaned up at the party! 
Baby Hailey (almost 7 months old) 
Both boys had a lot of fun, but we did have to have a talk with Little Brian about being appreciative... He was complaining that he wished he had 10 army men instead of just the 5 Jacob bought him. I don't know if he really understood, but at least he changed his attitude and started recollecting all the run he had a the party instead of complaining. 

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