Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chillin' on a Dirt Road

We have only been camping 1 ½ times this year and were anxious to pick up the trailer from the repair shop and get out of this heat! Our roof failed and caused about $900 in water damage that took about 3 weeks to fix. We also have about $2000 worth of damage under the floor that we chose not to fix right now… Kenny has an idea of how he can fit it up.

Anyway, Friday after work my mom dropped the boys off at Crystal’s house and Kenny, Brian and I headed up for cooler weather.

We arrived in Payson as the sun was setting so we decided to have dinner at Chilli’s since we would be looking for a spot in the dark either way. After we picked up our groceries at Wal-mart, Kenny got the bright idea that Brian and I would have fun riding in the trailer from Payson to
Forest Lakes. It sounded like a good idea… I cannot believe how loud it was in there! It sounded like the trailer was about to shake apart at any minute! I have traveled in a motorhome before and it was nothing like this! Brian and I tried to play cards, but after the second hand I was feeling pretty queasy. It was an experience to say the least and I was extremely happy to get to the camp ground!

 The guys decided to bring a 20 inch TV camping so they could watch scary movies at night so they built this crazy contraption.

Me and my new riding buddy Shelby 

Saturday morning we somehow woke up at 7 AM even though we were up till after 1AM... Brian was up first and took the dogs out with him. He was eager to start the day so we all got up. He started the morning with an early morning dry ice bomb...Then we took turns taking rides on the quad and Brian kept the dogs busy by playing ball. 

We all headed out (Kenny and I in the truck and Brian on the quad) to try some geocaching. Most of the roads weren't accessible in the red truck so we ended up leaving it and taking turns on the quad to find the cache. 

Brian and I took off to find this cache with a hint --- under a pile of rocks-- ha ha
but we found it!
When we got back to camp I worked on a Scrapbook project and the boys... well they did this. Believe it or not they are watching TV... apparently there was a glare so they had to block out the light. I little too much TV for camping if you ask me, but hey to each his own!



Saturday afternoon we headed over to Sarah’s cabin to BBQ some steaks with Kenny’s Nana, mom and Aunt Nanette. Nanette and I talked books and we all enjoyed a great steak dinner, although Sarah kept insisting the cut of meat she bought wasn't great. 

After dinner we played a pretty rowdy game of Phase 10… poor Barb was the target of our entertainment and ended up getting skipped by everyone (even Sarah!) and subject to a lot of teasing. I have to admit there is no way I could have handled that much teasing and still had a fun night without getting mad. She was a good sport and I think we all had a really fun night.
On our way back to the trailer we saw a sheep on the side of the road which was random and cool. When we got back to the trailer the guys attempted to watch another scary movie that ended up being a bust too. We got a really good thunder and rain storm that night and I actually enjoyed being woke up by the sound of the rain failing and smelling the fresh air.

Sunday morning Brian woke up about 6:30 and went on a quad ride to find a geocache... crazy! 
Later in the morning I got to go on that same ride. It was amazing! The weather was perfect, maybe even a little cold, after the nice rain we got. The trails got pretty hairy, but I enjoy a little challenge in the road and was comforted by following my brother’s tracks from his ride earlier in the day. I went passed the beautiful meadow, rock formations and even saw a few wild Turkeys! The ride was so awesome, but I kept wanting to point things out to Kenny and then would realize I didn’t have anyone there with me (bad part about only having the one quad for the weekend). I found the cache, but only after I gave up and was hiking back up the hill! 

It was a wonderful trip and we were all exhausted at the end of the weekend!

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