Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dog days of Summer

Downtown Glendale puts on some really neat FREE events and when I noticed they were having a dog event... well I was all over it! Brian and Kenny weren't too excited to go, but they humored me and went. Little Brian and Jacob are always up for an adventure with me so of course they were on board. We only brought Toby because bringing all 3 is like performing a circus act, plus we didn't have room in the car. 
The shops had little dog friendly stops with either misters, treats or .... DOG AURA pictures. Yes, I know its a hoax, but its fun and cool so we got Toby's Aura read. 

Apparently Mr Toby has a purple Aura which means he is intuitive, psychic, mystical understanding, artistic etc. ... um okay I guess so lol 

It was something fun to do and FREE! The boys got all kinds of free goodies- water bottles, stickers and balls... they were happy with it!

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