Saturday, August 6, 2011


This Saturday my mom and I took Little Brian shopping for his back to school clothes, shoes and supplies. Before we went I cleared out all his old clothes and made him try on everything which he wasn't too happy about. He really wasn't left with many items when I was done with his wardrobe... just 2 shirts, 2 shorts and 2 pairs of pants... yikes! Our first stop was Other Mothers (because really it doesn't matter after the first week if your clothes were new or used!) and we picked up a few items.

Then we were off to Wal-mart. Oh my. It wasn't like we procrastinated this shopping, we just didn't know until Friday if we would be buying uniforms or regular clothes depending on what school he would attend (Near his Mom's house or my parents house). It was absolutely insane, the racks picked clean and the isle crowded with parents and their childrens' extensive supply lists. My mom and I had a difference of opinion of what Little Brian should be wearing... my vote was for jeans and cartoon shirts and hers was nicer polo shirts and khakis. We ended up with mostly jeans and t-shirts... Little Brian tired of looking and trying on clothes very quickly, but when it was time to pick out his school supplies we was a ball of energy. He couldn't wait to pick out his new 'pack pack' and lunch box. He gets free lunch at school, but bugged us all last year to buy him a lunch box... so for $6 we filled the void he felt by not having one.

I seriously don't know how people with multiple children get through the back to school madness. My mom and I were super exhausted after our morning of shopping!

All weekend Little Brian talked about school and how excited he was to start. Poor Jacob is SO ready to go to school too. My mom is going to work on some things with him at home so he doesn't feel so left out.

Monday morning Little Brian started the first grade. I went into work a couple hours late so I could come over and take first day pictures and wish him luck. 

Little Brian (6) first day of school

Jacob and Little Brian 
Little Brian's first day went well and he even rode the bus home by himself! I was super proud of him. His first week he got green everyday and seems to be loving it. His teacher taught him a song with the lyrics, 'If you want to be happy, you gotta be good. You have to do whats expected, to the best of your ability"

Monday night Brian and Jacob grabbed their Ukulele's and preformed for me- it was pretty dang cute! I wish I had taken a video!

We also made this project for Little Brian's kindergarten teacher who he had run into at registration and was super excited to see him return to that school!

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