Saturday, April 30, 2011


People ask me all the time how and/or why I do all these crazy things.... I really don't know. They always seem like great fun when I plan them and then it comes down to it and and I think, "What have I got myself into!?" I still get nervous about things, I just do it anyway. Once you get past the 'scared' feelings, trying new things is just amazing! I absolutely know things could do wrong, but it just isn't a big enough factor for me NOT to try something new. Realistically some of these things are just as safe or safer than driving your car! 

Luckily, our friends Jereme and Melodi had already taken Trapeze 101 before us so we knew just what to expect... Still as you climb the 12 inch ladder 25 feet into the air your nerves can get the better of you. Once you reach the small platform they harness you in (relief), but the next step is giving a little 'hop' when instructed and jump off the platform. You swing by your arms and are instructed when to flip your legs onto the bar and when to let go with your hands... Trust be it is A LOT easier than it sounds. I feel like I did the best the first time through because I was 100% dependent on their instructions to get me through. The next turn I tried to do what I though I should do before listening to their calls. Timing is SO important in Trapeze and if you don't listen carefully you can work very hard to do a very easy maneuver. If you do just as they say the momentum helps you in the maneuver - its really a strange experience. We had gone to the park just before our class and I tried to get my legs up and under the bar... lets just say it wasn't a successful experiment, but I was able to do it 2 stories high on a moving trapeze swing! Next you are supposed to do a back flip and land on the net (very fun- similar to landing on a trampoline just not as soft). You crawl over to the edge of the next and do a front flip off the next onto the ground. I haven't flipped that much in probably 10 years! Made me feel young and limber- ha ha

The set up
Climbing up! 
Getting ready to make the 'hop' off 

Kenny was very nervous about going, but was very brave and ended up doing fabulous! I was so proud of him!
Kenny Getting ready to go 
Since this was Kenny and my first lesson we did not progress onto the 'catching' like Jereme and Melodi, but we were fine with that. It was physically exhausting to take the 6 or so turns we did take! Plus the ladder really hurt your bare feet and our hands were super sour (no blisters like Jereme though).

It was SO neat to watch as they tried to leave the swing and get 'caught' by the catcher! Two girls made their catches, but no one made it back to the swing.

It was a super cool experience - unlike any other! Our abs hurt for a few days after! I was surprised to discover those muscles were still there for me! lol

Who: Me, Kenny, Jereme and Melodi
What: 2 hour Trapeze 101 class (purchased on Groupon for $32 each)
Where: Trapeze U - Gilbert , AZ
When: Saturday, April 30,2011
Why: To scratch something off my bucket list and have fun!

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