Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Its a first : (

My dad is in the hospital. The man hardly EVER goes to the doctor let alone let them admit him to the hospital, so you know it is bad when he is laid up in a hospital bed. (He actually asked me to take the picture because he agreed no one would believe he was in the hospital) 

  He has been pretty sick for a while, but refused to go to the doctor... ever! This morning he woke up and felt so bad he couldnt go to work. His stomach hurt a lot and he had a very high fever. Bill, the neighbor noticed that my dad didn't leave for work and called my mom (since she has been staying at my grandma's house) and told her. My mom went to the house to investigate. He was in bad shape and my mom was finally able convinced him to go to the ER. They admitted him and he is on morphine and an antibiotic because he has pneumonia in both lungs. He has spots on his lung that they want to check for.. you guessed it cancer. 

While we were visiting this evening the nurse came in to give him a shot in his belly, but had a little trouble since he has NO fat on him! He chuckled a little when she she commented on his lack of body fat. He is pretty good spirits considering he hates shots, IVs, being sick, asking for things, etc etc etc. 

It still to early to tell what will happen right now, and still shocking that this is happening just 20 days after my grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer. 

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