Friday, April 8, 2011

Kenny's 30th Birthday - the actual day

Little Kenny and I decorated Kenny's office with lots of balloons and this awesome doorway the night before. Plus I left him a giant bag of popcorn and huge muffins to start his day. 

When he came into the office he found his cubicle like this: 

For lunch a group of us took him to the Tilted Kilt... Umm not my favorite place... the waitresses dress pretty inappropriately and the food is expensive (but hey it wasn't my bday lunch) He had a nice meal chatting with friends though. 

He got lots of calls and text messages with birthday wishes and a funny card from the other Kuhns. Last year we rented a car for Kenny's b-day and this year we rented a boat! We will be using that sometime this summer : ) 

After work we headed over to grandma's to spend time with her, Little Kenny, Uncle Rick, Aunt Mei-lan and my cousin Chris (so nice of them to all come in for Kenny's birthday lol) . The guys went to the airport to pick up Chris and us women 'cooked' up some pizza. I ended up spending $50 on the pizza and wasn't very happy about that, but hey how often do you get to have dinner with that many out of state relatives for your birthday!  They bought Kenny and oreo ice cream cake... probably his favorite! Yummo! 
TOP: Me, Kenny Kuhn, Kenny Kruger, Aunt Mei-Lan, Chris
BOTTOM: My Mom, Grandma, Lucy and Uncle Rick 

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