Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hanging With Dad

Dad finally got out of the hospital on Tuesday afternoon. I was so happy and relieved that is was nothing more than a really bad case of double pneumonia. The first few days he was in the hospital were pretty scary because he was really sick and slept a lot. Once they got him on the right antibiotics he started feeling better and was getting up and around more and more.... then he was restless and ready to leave. So tonight when he got out he was ready to go!  We dropped of his 7 prescriptions at Wal-mart and my mom, dad and I (Kenny was in Vegas) went to AppleBees for dinner. It was really nice. It sounds odd but this whole experience has brought us so much closer and heeled our broken relationships.  

Wednesday I brought Hope and the tortoises over to visit my dad and enjoy his lush green grass. Monty, my mom's wiener dog, was VERY interested in the tortoises and wanted to flip them over. Dad and I went to Olive Garden for a pig out, delicious, high calorie meal- yum. And when we got back to his house I thought him how to play Phase 10. He is still feeling sluggish, but much much better than before.  It was such a nice night and I didn't realize how much I missed him.

I am SO proud of my dad for making the choice to quit smoking and drinking after over 30 years. I know it is a tough road ahead and he probably hasn't smoked his last cigarette or had his last drink, BUT he is trying and that is what really matters. You can see such a difference in his eyes! The white part of his eyes used to be yellow and the color part was faded baby blue... and now his eyes are a bright almost navy blue color with off white 'whites'. He says he doesn't have many cravings, just wants to smoke out of frustration or habit. You can do it Dad! I love you! 

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