Monday, April 18, 2011

She's... amazing??

Sometimes when it rains it pours around here! Last week Kenny discovered the dogs had severed the connections that lead from the AC unit to the house ! Believe it or not this actually happened at our first house... We did actually learn our lesson the first time and built a fence around the unit (also where the garden is/was), but the electric fence was no longer working and the dogs decided to just break a few fence planks and have a hay day. GRRR. Sunday night was pretty hot in the house, but we managed and Monday morning Joe from Wise Mechanical came out to fix us up. He was really impressed by the dogs work (I bet he was thanking them for it too!) and after several hours of work and $480 later we now have cold AC again.

This picture is the part Joe was so amazed that she could destroy. It is a pretty heavy grade copper pipe that is supposed to be straight and hollow not bent and flat. He couldn't believe her teeth/jaws were strong enough to do that damage.

Aren't we lucky to have such an amazing pup?

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