Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rock Climbing - Spider Man

Brian and Little Kenny bouldering 
This month AZ on the Rocks is having a food drive and in exchange for bringing in items you receive a FREE day pass equipment included! We totally had to take advantage of such a great deal! Brian, Kenny, Little Kenny and I had a blast climbing the walls!

My brother was insanely good at it ---how annoying that he is good at everything---, but I loved when my brother said, "See I could totally be in the Army." (fingers crossed). He was like a spider climbing up the walls... I guess this is an activity that pays off being strong and only weighing 140 lbs!

My brother said later that he was impressed with how well I did, because girls usually don't have much upper body strengh... I am choosing to take that as a compliment! LOL

Little Kenny climbing and Brian belaying


After about an hour and half of climbing we were beat so it was time to eat! We went to Luke's of Chicago (yes the same place we went the last time we went rock climbing). The food was good but the company was better. Little Kenny got it right when he said my brother is so funny because he is so quick (minded). He is constantly coming up with something and has us all laughing most of the time. When we were about to leave Kenny dared my brother to get the waitress' phone number for my cousin and he would pay him $5. Well if you know my brother you know he won't back down from most challenges, but this one took a little extra coaxing so Little Kenny and I each put in $5 too.  He did it!  The part that is funny is that he did it with no shoes on... He had been walking around in his socks 'letting his toes unfold from the climbing shoes' lol. Great memories.

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