Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well the season has come to a close... Its bittersweet really..

If I you were considering becoming a season ticket holder here are some pros and cons Kenny and I came up with -

- consider the cost- I know duh! But seriously we had planned on taking the light rail to the games to save on parking (since the light rail is free when you are going to an event at US Airways), but we did that umm lets see... zero times. We probably spent close to $600 in parking over the 40 games we attended. They offer package deals to Season ticket holders and if you can pay a couple hundred up front you can probably save $150-200. Also, be reasonable about food. Maybe you are one of those people that can go to a game and bring a bottle of water and be good for the entire 4-5 hours you are there, but we are not. I like to have a soda and or ice cream... easy $10 right there - per game and thats if you share! 

- consider the number of games- If we were to purchase season tickets again we would probably split them with another couple. 44 games is A LOT. Even though it is only one or two per week it ended up almost being more something we HAD to do rather than a super exciting (expensive) event we looked forward to. 

- the seats are small 

- location of the seats (we were behind the visitor bench) which meant we had to deal with crazy Spurs and LA Laker fans.... drama! 


- We had an event to take family to.  If someone is visiting from out of town, then you can treat them to a game.

- Seeing the stars in person that you watch on TV and hear about on the sports talk radio.  We got to see LaBron James play for example.  

- It was exciting to see the high caliper teams.

- It was an experience.  To be part of the games atmosphere was exciting.  

- The free giveaways.  We received 10 bottles or so of body wash, french fries from McDonalds, etc.  The best giveaway was throwing Subway sandwiches from the ceiling and they floated down by parachutes.  

Written by Kenny and Amanda (I wrote all the cons and Kenny wrote all the pros lol, but we both agree on them!) 

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