Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quick Trip

Kenny loves to camp and our goal is to take more time for camping this summer. We made plans to camp, just us and our pups, this weekend in Flagstaff, however with the recent cold front there was still snow up north and the road we wanted to camp off of was closed. We talked about other places to go and decided to try Roosevelt! I was really excited to go, because I have not been there for 17 years since we spread my Grandma Taylor's ashes. Roosevelt was her and my Grandpa Taylor's favorite place to go camp. 

We pulled out Friday afternoon after a crazy busy work week and were anxious to get to the camp ground. We didn't arrive until after sunset and went searching for the perfect spot. Unfortunately, the water was is so high right now the only place to camp is in the designated camp grounds. We are not really fans of the designated camp grounds because you are SO close to your neighbors and it is hard to relax and have fun with 3 dogs chained (usually tangled up). We like them to be able to run free. 

We lucked out and found a great spot with no adjacent neighbors and set up camp. It was such a beautiful night we just sat and talked under the stars. 

Here are some random pictures of our pups throughout the trip- 
Shelby and Hope in the backseat 
In the morning we discovered this was our view! 

Our View 
Our Spot 
We headed out to check out the cliff dwelling after breakfast. I don't know how, but we lucked out an today was a FREE day at the park! Saved $6, woot woot! The hike to the dwelling is just over 1/2 mile, but it was pretty steep... and I haven't been exercising...  It was so worth it though! Very cool place to visit

We also did a little exploring by the bridge and dam area -

Kenny had been fighting a head cold and the difference in elevation caused his ear to really hurt so we decided to head home early. It was our quickest camping trip ever, but still very fun! 

The rest of the weekend- 
After we got home from our camping trip we headed to the Urgent Care. The office staff at the first urgent care appeared to be completely incompetent so after waiting for an hour we went to another Urgent Care office. They were amazing and got Kenny right in and out. We filled his prescriptions and then tackled our water heater project (see separate post). 

Sunday we got some R&R, but still had to clean out the trailer and get it ready to store at Barb's house for a few more weeks. Barb had us and Sarah over for dinner that night and it was SO dang good. Eating out gets old sometimes so we appreciated the home cooked meal ( I LOVE her mashed potatoes!) After spending some time with her I am always newly inspired to start cooking at home more, because she makes it look so easy... but have a really hard time with the follow through.

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