Friday, April 22, 2011

Family Night

Sarah had been craving steaks, but not just any steak, specifically the last steak Kenny had grilled for her! So tonight she brought over some delicious New York Strips for Kenny to grill up for her, Barb, Kenny and me. He did a great job as always and we all enjoyed the meal. I love that Kenny always tries to cook the steaks to your particular liking not necessarily how he think you should eat it! Its not always possible, but he does his best to get the medium wells to the people who wanted that and leave it on a little longer for those who like it well done etc. 

We played a game of Phase 10 Masters and... I WON! Usually Kenny wins, but tonight I did : ) We talked a lot and had a lot of laughs (my favorite kind of evening), but one story in stuck out to me that I wanted to share: 

One day in particular Quint was going on and on about his beautiful bride, Sarah, and saying things to his buddy like "Would you just look at her, isn't she beautiful?" etc as he gazed at her from across the room.  Well that buddy's wife thought it would funny to switch seats with Sarah... she wasn't quite as good looking I guess. Well Quint turned around to dote on Sarah and said, "Oh look at her isn't she... well what happened?" 

Those two were just so cute. Their stories just aren't about when they were young and in love, but 60 years of "in love" stories... they really had it figured out. 

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