Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Cowboy is 30

Little Kenny, Kenny and I headed out to Buckeye for dinner at Barb's. Barb made her special homemade pizza and a yummy white cake. Kenny got to open his presents early and got 2 VIP tickets to Country Thunder next Sunday (hope he takes me ; ) ) AND his grandpa's old wedding ring which will be treasured by him for sure! The boys raved and raved about the Pizza, my cousin said it was the best piece of pizza he has eaten in his life!

Kenny and Sarah 

I had asked Kenny what he would like to do for his BIG 3 - 0 bday and he just wanted to get a few people together and go listen to some live country music. SOOO we (Barb, Kenny, Little Kenny and I) want out to see Western Bred (Mr. Lucky's old band) at Padre Murphy's and met up with Jereme, Melodi, Blair and Allan. 

Little Kenny and me 

Melodi and Jereme 

Shots! Except for us DDs 

Blair and Allan 

Little Kenny 

Kenny and I 

Barb and Kenny 

Barb and I 
 The band was excellent and enjoyed by all, even Allan who doesn't like country music. Padre Murphy's was more of an older crowd (seriously the people in the booth next to us had a walker and oxygen tank) and by 11 the place was clearing out... so I had an idea. The last time Little Kenny was in town we had wanted to take him to Saddle Ranch to ride the bull... well he mentioned that this time SO I asked them if they wanted to go... Kenny actually said YES he wanted to ride the bull so we closed out our tabs and went to West Gate. Blair and Allan had to head home (Blair works 12 hour days and had worked Saturday and had to work Sunday so I was just glad she came out!!) and Melodi was dropped off at home too... so we were left with Kenny, Little Kenny, Jereme, Barb (and her friend Laurie) and me. We waited awhile to get in, but when we did we signed everyone up for the bull right away (only $3) . The Kennys were super silly at this point and we were all laughing a lot...

They switched hats

Kenny was the first to ride the bull and did a great job... I didn't time him but he was probably on for a good 2-3 seconds. The crowd was expecting a little more from him since he had a cowboy hat ; )

Next up was Little Kenny and he did about the same (they want to hurry through the guys turns and get the girls our there)

Then I went... since I had NO liquid courage I almost didn't do it, but then I though who cares most of these people are drunk anyway they aren't going to remember or care how I do... I got on the bull by myself and the guys said I stayed on for awhile, but I it didn't seem long at all. It was actually a lot of fun, but I was a little afraid of how I would fall off and land so I ended up letting go and kind of jumping off...

We all complained that our inner thighs were bruised the next day! My knuckles on my right hand were bruised from holding the rein!

Watching people ride the bull was the funniest thing I have seen in a LONG time. We were laughing so much. We saw a close to 400 lb guy ride... it took 5 people to get him on the bull and he pretty much got knocked off the second it started to move. There were a few guys that took it seriously and did a great job riding, (they were actually thrown pretty far off the bull). but everyone else was just having fun and being silly. One girl tried to jump on the bull and completely missed jumping right over the entire bull! Good thing the floor is like an air mattress!! Some girls decided to ride the bull in dresses... all I can say was it was not good.

Kenny and I have never been at a bar that late and let me tell you, you see some interesting things... I saw two guys making out (ewww), Kenny was propositioned to make out with a Bridal party and Little Kenny was propositioned to take someone home! Crazy! We (Kenny, Little Kenny and Barb and I)  left about 1:30 AM The drive home was interesting... Barb couldn't get her 'sit belt' on and they all whined and complained about wanting to go pee, but I wouldn't stop for them. ha ha thats what you get! When we got back to the house Little Kenny decided to make gravel angels in the yard... hilarious. 
It was a really fun night and I think Kenny's 30th b-day left a lasting impression!

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