Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kenny Kruger

Although, we grew up states apart my cousin and I ended up being two peas in a pod! We have lots of the same interests, opinions and attitudes about things. When we were kids we didn't spend much time together because I was mostly playing with his sisters! When he was shipped to Irac and Afghanistan I worried about him often and took turns with my mom and grandma occasionally sending care packages to him.  He was there for our wedding and we were there for his. When he came to visit a year ago after our grandpa passed away he and his family stayed with us, but we still didn't seem to have as much time together. I have always liked him, but it feels like this is the first time we really got to know him and we just clicked. 

He is so down to earth, funny and just seems to fit in everywhere you go. He has a great attitude and always sees the positive! He sees the potential and the good in people... not their faults or short comings. When things go wrong he doesn't waste his breath complaining. (I even asked him about that and he just said, "Lifes is too short to and things could be worse")  He is defiantly a "Yes man" and ready for most any adventure, but still makes smart and logical decisions. He has great stories to share, but won't dominate the conversation or make your experiences/stories seem any less important or less interesting. He is humble, yet proud of his accomplishments and where he is at in his life (I think that is a hard balance to find). He has a huge heart and cares so much! 

The guy just brings out the best in everyone. My grandma was so happy to see him and is so proud of the man he has become. She just lights up when he is in the room. My mom adores him and can't say enough good about him. When my brother was up at the hospital he told my grandma how 'cool' Little Kenny is and wished he didn't have to leave (kind of a big deal, because my brother doesn't usually dish out compliments like that). 

We were all SO sad to see him go home! When we all said our goodbyes I told my Kenny I was going outside because I might cry (which I did)  and he replied, "Heck I might cry too!" He has plans of moving back to Arizona in the near future and we hope that comes true... 

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