Friday, April 8, 2011

30 things I love about Kenny

To Kenny : 
30 things I love about you (in no order) 
- your handsome goatee and ridiculously awesome white teeth 
- your incredible, big, kind heart
- you can fix everything!
- you are hard working 
- never want to take anything that you don't earn 
- you are amazingly supportive of my crazy ideas 
- you love me for who I am 
- how you laugh out loud to the TV 
- that you make up silly nick names for me 
- you patiently deal with my mood swings 
- how professional you are in your job and that people enjoy being audited by you
- you always share 
- how you wrestle with our nephews 
- your sense of humor (most of the time lol) 
- your sense of responsibility 
- that you wash our clothes every week and never complain about it 
- that you mostly always give in to me 
- your generosity 
- the way you always take care of people if you can (fixing things, mowing, giving rides etc) 
- that you still call your grandpa Bubba and your grandma Nana 
- that you can drive anything! 
- you don't quit  
- your integrity 
- how its not about the money it actually is the thought the counts when giving you gifts 
- that you actually listen when I need to vent 
- I love that we can still talk for hours 
- how excited you get about little things (iced tea, popcorn) 
- your handsome eyes and how they kind of change with your mood 
- that you still compliment me and notice little things 
- how you take care of me 

:Love, Amanda 

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