Monday, April 18, 2011

Double booked

I always go to my grandma's house on Monday nights and bring her dinner. We sit and chat and I do small chores for her (seriously small, but she thinks I am wonderful for it). For some reason it escaped me that we eat together and I made dinner plans for Kenny and I with another couple! Oops! Ridiculous I know. Grandma wanted some mushroom chicken so I picked up Panda express for my grandma, mom and I and we ate it together... We talked and ended up playing with grandma's new ipad listening to George Jones. It was a good visit. I had to leave to meet Kenny, Jereme and Melodi at dance class at Fred Estare, which went okay, but Kenny and I both decided we prefer country style dancing... After wards we headed to TGI Fridays for dinner number two. Sometimes people tease me for never saying no or for doing too much, but this is one instance that the time spent with the people was totally worth eating two dinners in one night (to be fair I only had dessert at TGI Fridays!) and being double booked. We had lots of laughs and great conversation with Jereme and Melodi which totally made Monday a better day! I wouldn't trade either dinner!

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