Sunday, April 3, 2011


We got a late start to the day... Little Kenny spent the morning with his other cousins and we were just being lazy. We didn't really know where we were going to ride, just a place a friend had told us about. Most of the places we like to go years ago have been closed down over the years. So we headed out towards pleasant and ended up taking a wrong turn on a dirt road... 100% my fault.
Kenny wanted to go right, but I told him to go straight... Anyway, we ended up unloading the quads and riding them on the roads until we finally found the trails! There were some really great trails out there! 

Little Kenny 

Little Kenny kickin up a lot of dust 

Me kicking up a little dust 
Kenny (please note he always wears his helmet but we were loading up and I wanted a picture so he did a few donuts for me) 

The sun was starting to set so we had to head home, but Kenny and I will be back for sure! Little Kenny treated us to Chilli's for dinner... something about riding makes you so hungry! 

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