Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fun Stuff

For the purpose of this post Kenny Kuhn is Kenny and Kenny Kruger will be Little Kenny.

Friday night my cousin Little Kenny came into town! He came straight to see grandma at the hospital and mom, Kenny and I were there so we all got to spend some time together. Besides all of us my grandma's friends Carol and her wife came by and grandma had so many visitors it seemed more like a social gathering than visiting someone in the hospital. Even being sick my grandma is a wonderful hostess. I know our hour and half visit took a lot out of her, but it was a treasured time with lots of fun stories and laughter.  I took my mom to dinner at good old Village Inn and we had a very nice time while Kenny took Little Kenny to the Suns game.


The Gorilla was green to support the ' Go Green' theme of the game 
Little Kenny was originally supposed to stay with my grandma, but since she is in the hospital we asked him to stay with us. I am so glad he did! When the guys got back from the game we stayed up for a few hours talking and laughing. Little Kenny is such a riot and has the best stories to tell. We really enjoy him.

Saturday morning I got up early to do a little yard sale shopping. On my way home (around 10AM) I decided to stop and and get some donuts for the guys... when I got home Little Kenny was already gone! Pretty amazing since the night before he had been up for over 30 hours! I sort of expected he would sleep all day : ) He says sleep is over rated... (sounds like our friend Jereme)  Kenny and I relaxed and enjoyed our morning. We ended up going out for Chipotle and doing a little shopping (can't beat 30% off at Kohls!).

Saturday afternoon I went to my friend Amberle's baby shower. I was sort of thinking I was in the wrong place when I arrived, but I was just the first person there... even before the guest of honor! It was kind of nice though because it gave us (once Amberle and Janesse got there!!)time to just chit chat before the party started. It was fun to see all the Brewer girls AND Sister Turley : ) It actually took me by surprise when she showed up and everyone was excited to see "Sister Turley" since I haven't heard anyone called sister ____ in a long time. Oh and I got to meet Janesse and Tony's new baby Abby! She is just adorable and still SO little!  I had to leave the shower right in the middle of Amberle opening her gifts and felt like such a party crasher, but as it was I barely made it home in time to leave for Kenny's party!

these babies cracked me up! The one in orange kept chasing the other one and bit him! 

The ladies drinking chocolate milk from a baby bottle 

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  1. You were not a party crasher at all. I'm so glad you were able to come - although you should know by now that most Brewer events don't start on time.... ;)