Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today I got to hang out with my mom.  She won Blake Shelton concert tickets and admission to the fair.  I took the whole day off so we can spend time together.  We started the day by going to breakfast at Village Inn.  After breakfast we headed over to see the movie RED.  It was a shoot 'em up movie and a comedy.  We both enjoyed it.  After the movie we headed off to the Fair.  We walked around the Midway to look at all the games.  Then off to the shops.  It's amazing the crap they try to sell you at the fair.  One item struck our attention.  It was a bracelet that is a the same frequency as the earth.  Goofy sounding isn't it?  It suppose to take pain away, and give you balance.  They did the test were they make you stand on one foot, then they try to knock you over.  They do it with out the bracelet and then with it. They gave us a rub on tattoo that's set at the same frequency.  Now it's hard to believe all this, but we walked over the entire fair and mom was starting to feel better.  We admitted that it's in our heads, but it worked.  After that we headed over and got some Indian fried bread and corn on the cob.  After we ate it was time for the concert.  The show rocked.

This is the picture of the location that I proposed to Amanda.  Ahh the memories.  

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