Saturday, October 23, 2010

Star Struck

As First Year Season ticket holders we were invited to the "draft party" and Open practice this Saturday. It wasn't until we were actually at the party that we realized WE were the drafts they were talking about!! This is considered our "rookie year" and we got to view the practice COURT SIDE!  
We got free t-shirts, lanyards to hold our tickets, snacks and VIP treatment.

They brought us out like a group of VIPs and sat us in the cushy first 3 rows . Kenny and I got the most perfect seats in the front row- feet ON THE HARDWOOD

What a different view
The gorilla stopped and posed for me! 
We were this close to the t-shirt girls and still didn't win one (greedy I know how many shirts do I need to get for free in one day!?) 
It was surreal to actually see these guys close up and in person... they were huge! 
Turkoglu (love his name Turk-a-loooooo) 
Nash! (this was right before he came up and almost stepped on my foot!) 
more Nash 
J. Rich blocking our view 
Nice shot J.Rich! 
After the practice Jared Dudley stayed and signed autographs.... to be honest I don't even know who he is, but I was excited to get his autograph! 

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