Friday, October 8, 2010

Hope Update

Last night we got a call at 11:30 to let us know the status on our Hopie. The Barium test they did to check her digestive system revealed a blockage in her stomach and small intestines. They decided to wait till morning and do another X-Ray to confirm the blockage. Next they did an exploratory surgery to see what might be blocking her system. That is when they found 2 objects in her stomach, one of which had made a hole in her stomach. They needed to continue with the surgery and remove the items and repair the holes. Turns out she actually had 4 holes in her stomach and small intestines (which is why in the X-ray it looked like the barium had pooled there) and evidence of prior holes that had healed on their own. The Vet mentioned one hole was the size of a quarter... The items were a clump of fabric they couldn't identify (my guess a piece of a stuffed toy) and a squeaker from a toy!  Because the contents of her stomach and small intestines had escaped into her body they cleaned her up and she is at high risk for infection. They had to kept her tonight too. We aren't allowed to visit her which really stinks, but I understand they want to keep her calm. The vet bill is now over $1800 (thank God for credit cards!). I am so thankful they have been able to treat her this far and continue to pray she will make a complete recovery. We really love our dogs as children and are devastated by her sudden illness. The house seems so empty and lonely without her here. The other 2 keep looking for her : ( Maybe she can come tomorrow.

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