Saturday, October 9, 2010

She's Home!!

In preparation of Hope coming home we threw away ALL of the toys... between the toy basket, under the couches, all the rooms, under the bed and the backyard we tossed out 45-50 toys and 25 broken tennis balls... This is really gonna be hard for Hope, because she loves her toys and balls. We are only going to give her tennis balls under our supervision from now on. 
This really yucky picture are the "objects" they took out of her tummy! (a clump of fabric, a small red piece of plastic and the nasty little squeaker that made the holes)  EWWW. 
Here is a picture of her wound... kinda yucky to post, but it is part of this whole event so I wanted to include it. Its about 6 inches long. 
 She is not out of the woods yet and still at risk for serious infection, torn stitches etc. We are just praying and hoping for a full recovery. (Hope needs to live up to her name here!)
 My mom was her first visitor since she got home. 
This afternoon she ate for the first time in a week! Never thought I would be so happy to see my dog eat a $2/can dog food! 


  1. She looks happy to be home. I'm glad she will be better soon. I know it's not as serious but our dog Buster choked on a large piece of a rawhide bone, he tried to swallow it and it was stuck in his throat, he had a hard time breathing. Luckily I was able to get it off the roof of his mouth by sticking my fingers almost down his throat, we were very scared. We took him to the emergency room and then he miraculously was able to swallow it and breath again. Needless to say we don't give him rawhide bones anymore. Get better soon Hopie.

  2. I hope she heals well & that all goes well.