Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crazy Storm

We had some insane weather today! In some parts of the city we were hit with walnut size hail! My grandma's car has a broken taillight and some body damage. Her shed has a broken window and her home has a broken sky light, crumpled awnings and more! 

Michelle's home got it pretty bad too with a huge window broken in their bedroom, broken sky light and dented awning. 

My friends have broken windshields, body damage and more to their cars... it was crazy. 

Out by our house we got a nice storm and these beautiful views of the sky afterwards-- 

I was on the way to dinner with Michelle so I snapped these pictures out the car window. Michelle and I had a wonderful dinner and a very full conversation about life, kids and more. Kenny was out in Buckeye mowing his mom's lawn when Trevor called about the storm damage (funny how it can be sunny and he is out mowing while across town our family and friends are being pelted with hail!). He high tailed it over there and pitched in with Andy to get the window boarded up and secure. After dinner we all met up at Michelle's house and I got to sneak a few Zack, Emma and Matt hugs in :) Despite everyone's storm damage it was an amazing night and I am SO excited for the change in weather-- its about time we get out of the triple digits and into FALL YA'LL! 

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