Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Our oldest, Hope, had to go to the doctors office.  She's been sick for the past couple of weeks and lost 4 lbs since we took her to the vet 2 weeks ago. Turns out it was all due to her diet.  We changed her food, and it upset her stomach.  The vet (at Petsvet) gave her some fluids, antibiotics and nausea medicine and $119 later she is back on the right track.  Now we have to decide on what type of food to feed her so this problem doesn't come back.  Dogs can create allergies to certain types of food.  The most common problem is food with chicken.

  The vet used a technique called a "muscle test" used by the Chinese.  It seemed like junk science, but it actually worked.  Basically you stand near the animal, and hold a style of food next to them (ie- beef, chicken, deer, etc). The vet had me touch the tip of my thumb to the tip of my middle finger and hold with all my strength.Then she would try to separate them while I tried to keep them together.  If she could separate the fingers with ease, then it wasn't a good match.  When it was hard to separate the fingertips then that's the type of food she could eat.  It was more the style of the food then the brand, so it wasn't all price oriented.  She tried it with me too.  She had me hold two different bottles of pills near my chest as she tried to separate my fingers.  The pills that I had towards my chest when she couldn't pull my fingers apart were vitamins for men, versus the vitamin for women.  The idea here is my body wanted the vitamins for men, because my body could use the ingredients that were inside.  I tried this on Amanda, and come to find out Hope is her favorite dog.  lol
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