Friday, October 29, 2010

Home Opener

After 3 pregames we were SO ready to start the season! 
You know it is a big deal when all the TV stations have 2 vans each there! 

We decided to splurge big time and have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. They have the BEST Caesar salad in the world! 

We got to the game early and enjoyed the interesting sites- 

and sounds of the arena - 

I couldn't believe how many Lakers fans were there! It was a little intimidating having such aggressive fans around us... I really don't like Kobe Bryant (or his obnoxious, mouthy fans!) . He is a great basketball player, but has the worth attitude!! 

I loved the half time show- the PHX drum line kind of reminds me of STOMP

One down and 40 more to go! It is gonna be a fun 7 months!

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