Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tip Off Party- VIPs

Today, as Sun Season ticket holders we were invited to an event at Cracker Jax. We got there nice and early so we wouldn't miss a thing! We registered and headed off to play! There were bins of drinks (soda, water, Gatorade etc) FREE everywhere and later they served Pizza. We definitely got the VIP treatment today! 

I loved golfing off the second story! 

In the arcade we were given handfuls of FREE coins and could play as many games as we wanted, with the Suns cheerleaders! 

Next it was time for autographs... I got the most important one done right away. We had a great spot to get most of the players pictures and autographs... except the one we wanted most; NASH. Turns out he came in another entrance. Once we realized it the line to get to him was too long. 
Kenny and the cheerleaders - 
Earl Clark 
Matt Jennings (rookie) 
Channing Frye
Hakim Warrick  
Grant Hill 
Goran Dragic 
Josh Childress
Dan Marerle 
Nash in a large crowd by the race cars 
It was a really fun, neat event and I am feel so lucky we could go! 

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