Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Parteeee

Saturday night Blair had a Halloween Party and invited us to bring our nephews so we did. We weren't sure what the boys would be this year and since my brother was waiting for them to decide we just went ahead and got them good old transformer costumes. Kenny went and picked the boys up so I could get ready. When they arrived I hide in the garage and jumped out and scared little Brian. He stumbled backwards and started laughing and said, "hi!" It was so dang funny. Jacob looked at me with a blank stare and all of a sudden you could see the recognition in his eyes when he knew who I was and ran up for his hug. I asked them if they wanted to dress up for the party too and they both said, "YEAH!" and I said would you like to be Bumblebee and Optimus Prime? "YEAH!! They squealed and we got them changed and ready for the party. 
There is a dealership on the way to Blair's house so we stopped to take a picture with "bumblebee" 
The sales guys were so nice and invited us inside to check out the inside of the cars and let the boys sit in them (Jacob was scared to go in it) 
The sales guys thought this should be my car-- 

Then we headed over to the party. At first the boys were a little scared since the house was dark and none of the other guests had arrived yet (plus Blair's kids weren't there since Tim wouldn't let them!), but they warmed right up to Blair and they really liked her. 

Here is me (Lolli the Alien) and Blair (the treasure troll) 
Kenny isn't into dressing up, but I convinced him to at least wear his cardinals jersey so he could be "a fan" The funny thing is he has a Fitzgerald Jersey (who is black with long dreadlocks) so he got teased about his "resemblance" 

Here we all are- 
Jacob's cheesy grin
Me being silly 
Blair did such a good job on all the decorations, games and food- here is the eyeball pinata
poisons aka sodas- 

devilled egg - eyeballs 

Little Brian asked me if I wanted to dance with him... this consisted of spinning me around in circles and jumping up and down. 

Here is one of the games. Blair did a ring toss with a witches hat and Jacob WON!! The littlest kid there and he won. I am one proud auntie! 

Later they strung up the eye ball for the kids to break open....

I think Allan finally ripped it open-
Here are the ladies of the night- Tara, Me, Blair and Dusty-

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