Sunday, February 6, 2011

Two parties

Jacob's birthday was 01/11 and Little Brian's birthday was 02/02 and we are just no getting around to having their party! With scheduling conflicts, people being sick etc it just didn't work out ; so finally today was the day to celebrate with our family. Grandma was sick and couldn't make it out and we missed her being there.

My parents went ALL out this year with the decorating. The boys were SO excited when we pulled up and saw the balloons and banners! When they walked in the door my dad stood behind the door and dumped a giant trash bag full of balloons on them! They absolutely loved it!
It was kind of a whirlwind party and only lasted about an hour (because we had a prior commitment to Barb's Super Bowl Party) Singing, Cake, Presents, Bikes- done. The boys really enjoyed it though... You know the saying - its not the quantity of time its quality, very true in this case! 

Jacob blowing out his candle 

Little B with #6 candle 
We need to work on gratitude a little bit with this kid... He opened up this ball and said, "This is my present??" with a disgusted look on this face.
He liked his presents from Great Grandma! 
Jacob loved his gifts! 
My mom pulling Jacob around in her basket after he got tied of ridding 
Cruising in the golf cart 

We headed out to Buckeye for Barb's Superbowl party next. We brought our standard nachos (Velveta, 1 can of cheddar cheese soup, 1 can of green chillies, and 1 lb of spicy sausage melted for about an hour) which were a hit as usual. They had a game of squares going so Kenny, my brother and I all bought 10 squares each. There was a little girl at the party between Jacob and Brian's ages, so they were set for the night of entertainment! At one point the little girl got mad because Felix, Barb's wiener dog, wouldn't sit still to pray! I personally don't like (or understand) football so the game was a little long for me, but the commercials and company made it fun. PLUS Kenny ended up winning 3/4 quarters of squares for a total winnings of $40!! 

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