Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cool things from our boring weekend

Saturday morning it was cool and raining and I went yard saling and saw this- 
Our bountiful basket for the week 
At the grocery store I saw this 
I made some ice cream cards and Jacob cracked me up how he pretended to eat the ice cream
Here are the cards 
We went to Home Depot and the boys noticed themselves on the TV... they proceeded to dance and be silly and Jacob said "Go Suns!" 
Pretty clouds Kenny and I saw coming home from our movie- 
The boys helping paint more fence slats 
Sprouts in the garden! (these are radishes) 
I finished another table runner - here is the back 
and here is the front
Here are our finished lady bug and Sponge Bob fence planks 
OOOOH and I got all this loot from FREECYCLE! It was a large garbage bag of baby girl clothes for Blair's new baby Hailey: )

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