Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HB Lil' B

Today was Little Brian's 6th Birthday and were lucky enough to share it with him :) 

Here are some pictures of him through the years- 
Baby Brian 
Little Brian about 1 
Little Brian almost 2 
Little B at 3

Little B (4) and Jacob (2) 
Brian at age 5
Kenny, Brian and I blew up a bag full of balloons and hung a little banner for Brian's b-day. Total cost; $3. Happy squeaky kid at 7AM, priceless! Jacob saw the balloons first and said, "Bubbles!" Then Little Brian sat up and said, "It's my birthday??" with a big smile and hopped out of bed. In that 30 seconds it took him to get out into the hall Hope had already popped 3 of his balloons! She was having a great time, prancing around and stealing them. The adults were all laughing at her, but the boys didn't think it was even a little funny. We quickly moved the balloons into his room so the dogs couldn't get them. Little Brian said, "I so happy!" It was adorable. Then he came out into the kitchen and said, "Dad I six now!" It was a wonderful way to start the day!

snacks for his class 

My brother walked the boys down to the school bright and early for the Whirly Bird Wednesday from Fox 10. The boys were super excited about it and we had Little Brian convinced it was all for his birthday! Unfortunately it was REALLY cold and windy that morning and Big B got a little bit of a rerun of the snow day attitudes ... but at least they got to see the helicopter! 

Brian had a good day in school and got this crown to wear- 
and we watched him on TV... he is that yellow blob in the background.... 

Kenny and I talked about letting Little B go to the Suns game tonight and with Big B's approval (since he would be out late on a school night), Kenny invited him... he was REALLY excited and ran all over the house dancing around.
We had a bunch of coupons from the Bike Rodeo so we picked up free fries from McDonalds and brought them to Chick-fil-a where we got free sandwiches! His entire b-day meal was a whopping $3! And they got to play in the play land.
We also had to go get his free dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme! 

Kenny was a little nervous about taking Little Brian to the game, because he wasn't sure he would listen, etc. Kenny said he was REALLY good for him, well behaved, didn't ask him to buy anything and they just had a nice time. We made him a little sign to show on TV at 1/2 time. 
Kenny said the camera guy was having a good time playing with Little B and chasing him with the camera.

Kenny said they got so much attention because of the sign and everyone was wishing Little B a Happy Birthday. 
I think he had a good one... and might even remember it for years to come. 

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