Thursday, February 24, 2011

chinese auction

I asked a friend of mine, Beverly,  to go with my to the Home and Garden Party Chinese Auction tonight. We  made an evening of it by doing a little dollar store shopping and then having dinner at Chili's  before heading to the auction. 

These auctions are also known at quarter auctions. Basically you buy a paddle for $2 and then as each item comes up for bid if you want to bid on it you place a quarter in the cup... Your paddle has a correlating ping pong ball will your number on it and IF you have put in a quarter and they draw your number out (like a lottery style drawing) you win the item. Simple as that!  
Here are the items they auctioned off : 

About 5 mins before the auction started Beverly mentioned to me that she wasn't really lucky at these things and usually didn't win.... great maybe she could have mentioned that sooner lol!! We had horrible luck the whole night, but did end up winning an item each (normally I do home with numerous items!) 

She won this: 

and I won this: 

I ended up giving mine to my buddy Jackie who does tons of holiday stuff at her house and I know she will end up using this little "spreader" set more than I ever would! 

Even though we weren't really lucky it was a nice night out anyway and each spent less than $10 at the auction. 

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