Thursday, February 3, 2011

Family Night

I am 'friends' with Krissy on facebook, which has turned out to be such a blessing to be able to keep in touch! With this whole situation she is the one I really feel for, because now she is kind of alone living with her grandparents. She just adores my brother (wanted to change her name to Taylor too!) and misses her brothers. She asked if she could come over so Brian picked her up after school and we made a night of it! We picked up some $5 Little Caesars pizzas, played wii and had cake to celebrate the boys birthdays with her.
Kenny and Jacob

Krissy and Jacob boxing (love how he needs to turn over to box) 

Krissy and Little Brian 

Little B, Krissy, Brian and Jacob

2 birthdays = 2 cakes 
Little Brian , Jacob and Krissy 
She said she had a good time and I hope we can all get together again soon! 

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