Thursday, February 10, 2011


I cannot remember when I started reading but I have friends with children that are  4 and 5 that are already reading...and little Brian is 6. I am afraid he is behind, because he cannot read yet. He loves his math homework and hates reading and spelling... I want to make it fun for him so we have been trying to read every night. I ended up buying James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, because it is currently showing at Theater Works in Peoria (plus it was one of my favorites as a kid). The idea is we are going to read a few chapters per night and hopefully finish the book right before the last showing of the play and I will take them. I asked my brother and Kenny to read too, so we each read a chapter. It was adorable how excited the boys got (especially Jacob) that their dad and uncle were reading to them. The men found this a perfect opportunity to add a little ad-lib into the story about behavior... My brother was so hilarious doing the mean Aunt's voices when he read. It is hard to keep their attention since this their first chapter book and there really aren't very many pictures, but we will keep trying! 

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  1. Go to the library & check out lots of kid books. Try for books that are aimed for his age- a librarian could help you too. Then sit next to him on the couch & read with him. Put your finger under every word as you read it. This will help him start to recognize words. Then practice what some call the "popcorn words" (see, it, as, I , am, and, we, like, do, etc). You could probably look up all the words on a website or something. You want kids to learn all of the common/small words that "pop up" in sentences. You can even put each word on a flashcard (if you want, you can make the card shaped like a piece of popcorn). Then review the "popcorn words" often & he will learn them faster than you think. There are probably websites that offer advice on teaching kids to read also-good luck!
    I also think it is great that you are reading to him. It is so good for kids to hear the flow & get interested in a story. He is lucky to have you as an aunt!
    Sorry I'm so wordy, I am passionate about this subject.