Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Suns Game

02/15 Suns Game- Kenny has to make a trip to Vegas once per month for work and had planned on leaving this morning, so I needed to find someone to go to the game with me or sell the tickets. I invited Blair and I am SO glad I did, because we had great time. This was the first time she had been away from Hailey (she was born 3 weeks ago today!) and it was a much needed break for her. I was surprised how much Blair knew about the Suns and basketball... I figured we would just go and chat the whole game, lol. The Suns squeaked out a win for the night and Blair declared she was their lucky charm : ) After the game we stopped atMcDonald's to get our free fries (since they won!) and headed home. When I dropped Blair off, I got to sneak inside and see precious baby Hailey for some snuggles.

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