Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I had planned on writing a blog post about every game, but somehow along the way the games become mundane and there wasn't different to say about each game.Kenny still absolutely loves to go, but I have become a little bored with it.  We are now 75% through the season and I realized we haven't done a lot of things we said we would do... We were going to eat at tons of restaurants down town , explore the area and experience everything we could as season ticket holders. To date we have not stayed after for one of the free weekend concerts or come early to watch shooting practice. We haven't used our upgrade passes or put a message on the jumbo-tron! We have only tried one new restaurant down town (Tee Pee Tap Room and  - and we weren't impressed) and barely explored what else was around. We have 11 games left and I want to do a bunch of those things before the season is over since we have made the decision not to renew or tickets

There are a few games we didn't blog about that were important. Like the game Kenny took his Nana to as part of her Christmas present on 01/26/11 when the Suns beat Charlotte. They went out for a nice meal at Texas road house and to the game. It was a nice night out for both of them. Kenny has taken my brother to 3 games and my brother really enjoyed going and having some adult time without kids! 

Out of 33 games we have been to 22 games together, Kenny has taken a guest to 5 games and I have take someone once. We were able to give a set away, trade one set and sold 3 sets. 

Tonight I had a revitalized excitement for the game when I grabbed the tickets out of the almost empty ticket book! We walked around down town, explored some of the shops and scoped out which restaurant we wanted to try next time we were out there. 

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