Monday, February 14, 2011

Sugar Fairy AKA The Birdie -

 I am sure I have talked about this tradition in the past but if not I thought I would write about it now. Back when we were dating I started this silly tradition of doing a 14 day countdown (countup?) to Valentine's Day. Each night I would set my alarm clock for some odd hour like 3AMand I would get up and drive over to Kenny's house and leave a trinket of some sort on his truck (candy bar, homemade muffins, scratcher ticket etc). Thinking back on it I am surprised my parents let me do that! We ended up calling it "The Birdie" because the whole idea about it was that he had a secret admirer... since the items were being left on his truck we joked that it must have been a bird leaving them. Anyway, I carried on the tradition for 8-9 years. This year I prepared for it like I always do (much easier now that I can just walk outside to put it on his car or leave it on his pillow!), but on 02/01 Kenny went to the doctor for a follow up on some blood work he had done...  the doctor told him everything was great except that he needed to stay away from SUGAR... Since I had already purchased most of the days I went ahead leaving him candy, cookies, gum etc for the first 10 days (bad bad bad). Then I had to switch it up giving him a massage (from the person who comes up here to our work),  This year Kenny renamed The Birdie the Sugar Fairy... Anyway, next year the "Sugar Fairy" will need to be more creative with her treats.

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