Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crafty Night

After work, Jackie and I went out to Mesa for our monthly card class. On the way we stopped in downtown Scottsdale at Outrageous Oils and Vinegars to pick up a bottle of the 18 year aged Balsamic Vinagar for my friend Jereme's b-day tomorrow. It was Jackie's first time at the shop and she said she loved it and would be back. All the driving around gave me a chance to try out the Sprint Navigation app on my phone and I was super pleased with it! It even checks for traffic delays! I love it ! We ate dinner at Freddys because I had 2 free custard coupons that were about to expire. We got to class just in time for our teacher to announced she is quitting teaching at Scrapbooks etc in April! So March and April will be our last chances for card class! I send a message to Kenny to tell him the sad news (he is in Vegas) and he said , you absolutely can't miss class in March and April then! (love that guy!)  A new teacher is taking over so we will probably try her out, but it just won't be the same. Leslie is just such a jovial person and always fun to be around. She puts so much into her classes that we look forward to it all month...  Her homemade treat for the night was ice cream! I tried theAlmond Joy flavor (yes after my concrete from Freddy's... why can't I lose weight again?)--- it was the BEST ice cream ever!! I so need the recipe! Here are the cards we made tonight-

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