Monday, February 7, 2011


I think Kenny and I are really blessed in almost every aspect of our lives, but lately blessings are just showering down on us! We are blessed with amazing friends. I don't know why it surprises me when people do nice things for me, but it does. I always think, "Why would they do that? They could spend their money/time on something or someone else" My friends have been bringing in all kinds of goodies for the boys. Like, Becky who brought in gummy vitamins, valentines and washable markers...for no reason. And Melodi sent over some books for them. People have been bringing me in coupons for things to do with the kids and we even got tickets for the Phoenix Open last weekend (we were too busy and couldn't go, but its the thought that counts).  Also, this weekend Jereme helped us get a new phone! Not only is it a new phone, but its a smart phone!! I am tickled to death with it and love having the internet at my fingertips. He added us to his plan (signing a 2 YEAR contract in HIS name) and now having a better phone, with more features will SAVE us $15-35 per month! It's not just the material items either, we have gotten e-mails and calls from people giving us advice about our situation and offering their support. My favorite was Jereme who said he would sit in front of the house all night long if needed. Those thanks to all of you who care and bless our lives! 

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  1. Others are blessed to have you as a friend. You are a great person and a true friend.