Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pottery Class

I bought a groupon a while back with some friends for a pottery wheel class at Desert Dragon Pottery. I had rescheduled around the time Blair had her baby (going 37 hours without sleep doesn't work well on me!) so finally tonight was the night for my class. 

It was kind of far from the house at Happy Valley and 17th Ave, off a dirt road and basically in a converted house... the place was a dive! 

I walked in and there were several people busily working on projects, no one looked up. Finally someone greeted me and I told them I was here for the Groupon pottery class. The teacher was late and I was the only student! I ended up getting a one on one private lesson and learned a little bit about the potter's wheel. The teacher, Mishy, had 31 years of experience and was very good. 

You start with a premixed blob of clay and then literally throw it on the wheel. Next you use your hands to shape the clay while the wheel is spinning. I normally don't like messy projects, but I really enjoyed getting into the clay and playing! I made 3 items.... they are not all identifiable, but cool anyway. In 3 weeks I will go back to paint the items and then they will be fired a final time before I can pick them up. I didn't take pictures (mostly because I forgot, but also I was really dirty!), but will get some when I go back to paint.  My friend Beverly and I may go back shortly to do the "Dirty Hands Friday" which is basically the same thing my Groupon included (clay, wheel use, firing, paint etc) for $12. If you are interested they will be on Groupon again shortly so keep your eyes open for them!

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