Monday, September 26, 2011

It’s Fall Y'all

Fall is my favorite time of the year! The weather we wait all year to enjoy is here (or at least on its way); nice cool mornings in the 70s. Although, we don’t get to see the traditional leaf color change here in Phoenix, we can still see signs of fall in the stores- candy corn is now on the shelves along with caramel apples and cute decorations.  I am looking forward to having the doors and windows open in the house, dropping off ‘boo’ packages, decorating the house, going to a pumpkin patch, wandering in a corn maze, carving some pumpkins and then roasting the seeds and maybe even making some caramel apples!  I hope to make a Halloween apron as well as a few other craft projects- to make some of my items on pinterest a reality! There will be parties to attend, costumes to wear and trick or treating to be done. We will probably make a trip up north for a hike and to check out the fall colors and I hope to hit the AZ State Fair and maybe a haunted house. October and November are always be super busy months, because there is SO much to do in AZ- the weather is good and all the snow birds come back! Happy Fall Y'all!!

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