Monday, September 5, 2011

Most Awesome Vacation Ever: Monday- Labor Day

Brian and I started the day with an exhilarating ride on Little Kenny’s motorcycle… this wasn’t just a first motorcycle ride for us. It was a ride on the fastest bike made in 2011, riding double with our fearless cousin. It was great! I was nervous, but he has LOTS of hours of riding experience and was all about safety with us. Little Kenny and I rode up to Grants Farm on the motorcycle while Kenny drove Brian in Little Kenny’s truck.
Me and Little Kenny

Grant’s Farm is the beautiful home to the Budweiser Clydesdale horses! We explored what we could since the park wasn’t open yet and just soaked up the beautiful weather and surroundings.

Then it was Brian’s turn to ride on the bike!

Pretty soon we were on the rode to Six Flags. I made a huge mistake that morning and took 2 motion sickness pills before we left for the park… I didn’t get sick, but I had to fight most of the day to stay awake! With Little Kenny as our tour guide we hit all the major attractions with no lines! This was the first time Kenny, Brian and I have ridden the Superman ride (because it is often closed!). When we got to the top of the tower… I was pretty nervous! The free fall was great though and we ended up riding it twice (the line was super long in the afternoon).

After we were done with at Six Flags Little Kenny had the great idea to go to Imos Pizza... it was tasty, but it didn't agree with the guys... It hit Kenny and Brian first... we had barely made it to the parking garage and they were searching out a restroom... we still had a good walk to get to the arch to get to being anywhere near the restroom... Kenny half joked that he might just stop and use the restroom right along the river out in the open.... Little Kenny and I of course found this hilarious and just laughed as we slowly walked to the Arch. We finally made it to the security clearance area and Kenny just left his wallet and all his belongs as he practically ran towards the restroom, and yelled back to my brother, "Just get my stuff for me!" Brian and Kenny spent some time in the restroom and after Kenny left Little Kenny went into the restroom too... While Brian and Little Kenny were in the bathroom a man came in and sang, "Owww, owww whats that smell" They guys all thought it was one of the other guys in our group making fun and didn't find out until later that is was someone else entirely!!

Other than that, the trip to the top of the arch was pretty amazing and my brother like it (it was his first time seeing it)

And thats all that happened that day... seriously nothing else happened...  we did not drink any long islands, there was NO trip to the strip club and NO ONE threw up in the morning all over the expensive tile... at all... We just went home and slept in late the next day. 

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