Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Most Awesome Vacation Ever- Tuesday

We slept in nice and late and finally decided to see what St. Louis had to offer. Little Kenny took us Delmar Loop. We shopped at some fun shops and Kenny found me a bottle of true blood! Crazy!! True Blood is show on HBO that Kenny and I love! In the show vampires drink this man made blood called Tru Blood so they don't have to feed on people. Its pretty funny and I totally had to have the bottle... even though it cost $9!  

There were also stars on the side walk of famous people! 

We stopped for lunch at a place called Fitz which makes there own soda. Little Kenny made a comment that he really liked the place because of their frosted mugs... That brought back a memory of his dad that I had. I remember his dad keeping frosted mugs in his freezer all the time! I always thought it was super cool and everything tasted better that cold.

Little Kenny took us to the St Louis Zoo next... it is FREE to go there!! How cool is that?? Kenny and I agreed it was one of the best zoos we had ever been too, because the animals were actually out and about! 
Kenny Jr being eaten by a giant turtle 

After all the walking around we were super tired and headed back to Kenny's house so the men could all rest... I worked on Little Kenny's scrapbook and put the finishing touches on it. 
We had Fazolli's for dinner... it was SO good! We don't have them in AZ anymore and I really miss them!
Then we went to Busch Stadium to catch a St. Louis Cardinals game. None of us are really baseball loves, but it was a really neat experience to attend a game in a city that has such baseball fever! We bought our tickets from a scalper... I was pretty nervous about it, but it worked out just fine.

After the game we went to TED DREWS! The freakin' best Frozen Custard around!! 

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