Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Most Awesome Vacation Ever- Wednesday

Since it was our last day I told my cousin I just had to have some pictures of him on his awesome bikes and doing tricks... he complied because he is awesome: 

The last day can be a challenge sometimes… not that I would cry (sometimes my eyes just water at the end of a trip when I have to say goodbye). Luckily we had one more item on our agenda to fill the morning; City Museum. When Little Kenny told me he wanted to take us to the City Museum while we were there I was immediately turned off.... until he told me they had a 10 story slide!

This place was amazing! It its rightfully named the City Museum, because all of the walls, flooring, slides, stairs etc are built from old buildings in St. Louis! Everything from tiles to railroad ties is used to decorate the walls as the ‘trash’ is repurposed into art.

We headed to the top of the building first. The school bus is handing over the edge of the building! When we jumped in… and Brian VERY loudly banged his head on the door way… which of course made the rest of us erupt into laughter. Poor guy, he did actually hit it so hard he got a bump, but was just fine.

View from the bus! 

We spent the morning, crawling, climbing, sliding and exploring like city spelunkers!

giant slide

Little Kenny had us climb this ridiculous metal contraption to get to the roof. It was fun, but really scary! Poor Kenny is afraid of heights but was a really good sport and did great.

Kenny, Me and Brian handing in a 'bird cage' 

Little Kenny was so proud he was actually able to scare me…. The first straight down slide was pretty nerve racking and I ended up grabbing the bars that enclose the slide and hand walking my way down!

Then we went to the BIG 10 story slide! The 10 story slide was sort of encased in the building and difficult to take a picture of, but here is what I got.

straight down, tunnel slide... scary 

It was the last day so they had to wear their custom made shirts!

We went to Hooters in down town St Louis for lunch before we had to head to the airport. Little Kenny introduced us to fried pickles... I am SO hooked!  Lunch was great, but tainted with our looming departure.

Downtown St Louis is really neat! See the arch in the back!

Brian, Little Kenny and Kenny

After this we parted ways... Little Kenny headed home and Brian, Kenny and I went to the airport. Brian's flight was a little later than ours ... and he ended up visiting 5 total states ha ha ha and didn't get home until 9 PM when Kenny and I got home around 5PM

I am so thankful for the most awesome vacation ever.... over eating, bust a gut laughing, adventure, no sleep and some amazing memories! 

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