Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mud Run

Stargrett: Would you like to pay a bunch of money to go play in the mud?
Me: Why, yes I would! In fact it is on my bucket list! 

Okay the conversation didn't go exactly like that but something close... ha ha I asked Kenny to join me, but he wasn't too excited about it (although he would have if I really wanted him to) so I asked my crazy brother who will do anything. 

Brian, the boys, my mom and I met Stargrett out at Rawhide for Dirty 6 (or 3 mile if you choose) Mud Run! We teased the boys that they would have to get in the mud pit too... I think Jacob actually would have done it and was a little disappointed to find out he only got to watch us... Little Brian was fine being clean, dry and on the sidelines.  
Me, Brian, Stargrett, Jacob and Jonathan 

Jacob, Me and Brian 
Our training consisted of ONE test run a little over half way to my parents house (Brian, my parents and the boys coming from their place and Kenny and I coming from ours)... That it. I was pretty nervous that I would fail miserably, but luckily it worked out just fine and we jog/walked the whole 3 miles. 

The first 'obstacle' was a giant mud pit... seriously who knew how fun it was to play in the mud!? Now getting out of the mud pit... not so easy but still very fun. 

The next obstacle was the balance beams... after seeing a few people fall... I decided I would scoot my way across. Although, the insides of my thighs were pretty scratched up I think the alternative of falling would have been worse... just look at the pictures of my poor brother falling.... 

We ran for the next 2 miles or so before we hit the last few obstacles which consisted of a shallow mud pit and being sprayed with a fire type hose. 

As we approached the finish line the boys were excitedly waving as us. We came up to the last obstacle which was a big pool... although the water was dirty it essentially washed away most of our mud.  

My only complaint is I wish there was more mud and less running!

Brian, Me and Stargrett at the finish 

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