Saturday, September 3, 2011

Most Awesome Vacation Ever- Saturday

We got to sleep in a little bit on Saturday morning and then we piled in the SUV and drove to Illinois. Our first stop was Auburn, IL where Kenny’s dad and Susie lived for several years and Kenny spent many of his summers. We visited his dad’s Dairy Queen and had some ice cream. Then we drove around and explored a little. We even got to stop at a yardsale (I didn’t even buy anything!).

Ron and Susie's House just a block from their Dairy Queen 

A pond we found behind the school 

We had a little time before our lunch plans with Jerry, Kathy, Jerry Jr. and Brett so we spent some time at good old White Oaks Mall. Kenny spend many hours at that mall with his dad , clothes shopping for back to school or going to the movies.

Lunch with the Kuhns was really nice, but not long enough,(next time we will need to spend more time in Springfiled). The Kuhns got to know Little Kenny and Brian a little bit and the rest of us got to catch up. Brian said Jerry and Kathy reminded him of our grandparents (which is a huge compliment since we had the best grandparents ever). Little Kenny also commented how neat they were and enjoyed the couple hours we spent with them.

Me and Jerry Sr. 

Brett, Kenny and Jerry Jr

Kathy, Brett, Kenny, Jerry Jr., Me and Jerry Sr.
All of us 
Next we made the drive to Peoria to visit Ron’s gravesite. We drove right into a rainstorm that really cooled things down!

The cemetery where Ron is buried is just beautiful. We visited and explored awhile.

We also drove by Kenny's grandparents (Ron's parents) house:

We finally made it to Oquaka, IL that evening. We walked down to the Mississippi River and played a little with Jennifer and her kiddos:
Kenny Jr

Jaylen, Little Kenny and Jaydon 
We walked up to the store later to get a few things... I thought it was hilarious how Kenny bought whatever Jaylen and Jaydon wanted!! He always teases me for doing that with Little Brian and Jacob all the time.

He ended up buying them some foam swords that Susie had said recently said no too... isn't that perfect for an Uncle to do?
Jaylen, Brian, Jaydon and Little Kenny
Oh and we bought bunches of scratcher tickets to play with... a tradition we have with Susie. We lost...

Little Kenny, Brian, Kenny, Jaydon, Susie and Jaylen

Susie and Kenny 

Jaydon and Kenny playing video games... this is totally normal right? 

Auburn  1 hour 41 mins, (DQ), Springfield  30 mins- lunch with Kuhn’s, Peoria 1 ½ hours, visit Ron’s grave, Oquaka 1 ½ hours  

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