Sunday, September 25, 2011

Steel Magnolias

Centerpiece with hair curlers 

Steel Magnolias is probably my mom’s all time favorite movie and by sheer repetition of watching it with her, I love it too. I saw last year that this play was coming to the Arizona Broadway Theater and wanted to take my mom, however the tickets were $79 each- so I deserted the idea. Then good old, Groupon came through for me with a 2 for 1 deal. I also used the money I made from teaching the card class and was able to buy the tickets to treat my mom, without breaking the bank!

We were at a table for 4 and met two nice enough ladies. They started off a little grumpy, because they felt like we were in there seats (however it is first come first serve…), but my mom can talk to anyone and smoothed things over. We ended up having a nice conversation with them and a pretty good lunch- Pecan crusted chicken with sweet mashed potatoes and veggies, but we mostly filled up on salad and bread.

The play was phenomenal and brought us both to tears, even though we knew what was going to happen! We really had a nice day together, but both agreed 5 hours at a play was a little much!

The Set

Me and Mom 

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